The Biden Presidency – a Disaster in the Making

Now there’s no way to sugar coat this picture. Biden’s victory doesn’t represent the end of an era chaos, but merely a new chapter. Those who want to avert the worst case scenario need to be working to unify a coalition of the sane; a strain of opposition that doesn’t fall for the left / right paradigm trap; a contingent that’s not so naive to believe that they can vote their way out of this mess.

The Biden Presidency – a Disaster in the Making

Kremlin Slams Biden’s Claim of ‘Annexation’: Crimea Legally Rejoined Russia

“There was no annexation, there is no need to recognise it. It is just necessary to acknowledge that Crimea rejoined Russia and that Crimea has quite long been a region of the Russian Federation, thank God”, the Kremlin spokesman continued.

Kremlin Slams Biden’s Claim of ‘Annexation’: Crimea Legally Rejoined Russia


Crimea applies to be part of Russian Federation after vote to leave Ukraine

Euromaidan 2014

USA Today Makes Major Contribution to Foreign Policy Debate

USA Today Makes Major Contribution to Foreign Policy Debate

In it, Biden spokespeople suggest that he will move the US away from militarism and toward caring for human and environmental needs.

It would be nice if this fit the evidence thus far of a broken promise on Afghanistan, a halfway and unclear broken promise on Yemen, no movement on shifting military spending to peaceful projects, a broken promise on the Iran agreement, weapons deals to brutal dictatorships including Egypt, continuing warmaking in Syria, Iraq, Iran, refusal to take troops out of Germany, backing for a would-be coup in Venezuela, nomination of numerous warmongers for high office, continued sanctions against the International Criminal Court, continued courting of the Saudi royal dictator, no prosecution of any pre-Biden war crimes, continued exemption for militarism from climate agreements, etc.