My Research on the “Rule of Law” vs China

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*This is more about the Hong Kong protests, I suspect that there are protesters imitating the Police, yet their uniforms don’t have ranks on their sleeves.*

Sources for my video on Hong Kong 09.09.2019.

The persecuted Uyghers is Washington, DC’s narrative! They don’t really care about Muslims! 

China’s Strategy In It’s War on Terror: Jobs Not Drones

The Truth About Uyghers and Xinjiang

Steve Bannon helps revive a cold-war anti-China organization

Steve Bannon, cheering trade war, hopes for government to fall — in China

Steve blames the U.S. Economy’s downfall on China.

No wonder Bannon is hanging out with Kyle Bass ($143 million in investments in China’s economy IF IT TANKS!)!

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Weili Zhang trains with Tulsi Gabbard

The democratic presidential hopeful spent an afternoon working on her striking with Zhang at Roufusport gym.
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Asshole calls Tulsi a Communist and a Russian asset, then goes on to say:

Interestingly enough, all of this MMA excitement went down on the same day Gabbard got into a big political shitstorm with Hillary Clinton. Something about Clinton’s wing of the democratic party accusing Tulsi of being a Russian asset? I don’t know, I’m Canadian. Leave me the hell out of it. At the same time as Gabbard was hitting mitts in the gym she was also slinging leather online, calling Clinton ‘the queen of warmongers’ and ‘the embodiment of corruption.’ Some pretty solid smacktalk right there.