Important U.S.-Russia dialogue takes a hit in the current atmosphere – Washington Times

Liberal Russophobia has become a powerful force responsible for deterioration of U.S.-Russia relations. The coalition of liberal Russophobes include those in Congress, media and think tanks who believe that Russia aims to destroy the U.S.-centered “liberal” international order and that President Donald Trump’s attempts to negotiate with the Kremlin do more harm than good.
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UPDATED* Bolton – The 2nd Munich Ukrainian Lunch hosted by Victor Pinchuk Foundation

02.18.2018: The Victor Pinchuk Foundation Held The 2nd Munich Ukrainian Lunch

John Bolton, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations (2005-2006), Micael Byden, Supreme Commander of the Swedish Armed Forces. 02.18.2018. Copyright 2018 © The Victor Pinchuk Foundation

John Bolton was paid $115,000 to participate in two panels sponsored by foundation of Ukrainian steel magnate

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First The Munich Ukrainian Lunch – George Soros, David Petraeus, & Kurt Volker

Why did I post this? I don’t feel that John Bolton believes in MAGA.

Pictures Of American Politicians at Yalta European Strategy Events Sponsored by Victor Pinchuk Foundation

09.20.2013 – Dinner Speech by Hillary Clinton: Remarks on Leadership (Hillary Clinton)

09.20.2013 – The first day of the 10th Yalta Annual Meeting, Session 5-6 (Bill Clinton)

09.15.2012 – Second day of the 9th Yalta Annual Meeting of YES, sessions 1 – 3 (Condoleezza Rice, Newt Gingrich)

09.14.2012 – Dinner Speech by Walter Isaacson (Condoleezza Rice, Newt Gingrich)

01.10.2010 – First day of the 7th Yalta Annual Meeting of YES (Bill Clinton)

02.20.2017 1st Munich Ukrainian Lunch on Ukraine’s Security in a Shifting World Order (George Soros)

05.31.2012 – . Rudy Giuliani to Give Public Lecture “Global Challenges and the Place of Ukraine” (Rudy Giuliani)

Not in any specific order, but the event was sponsored by The Victor Pinchuk Foundation.