Death of a Nation

It’s a revolution that dovetails with the anti-constitutional «RussiaGate» coup in progress against President Trump, who is the last hope for preserving the historic American nation. If he is removed (is he the only one, even in his own Administration, fighting back?) and the nice respectable anti-Trump Republican party is restored, they’ll gladly join hands with their Democratic and media Swamp buddies in dragging what remains of America down.
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The same people who orchestrated Ukraine’s Maidan 2014?

Six Questions for Jim Jatras on “Aleppo Boy,” Atrocity Porn and Our Godawful, War-Loving Media

Six Questions for Jim Jatras on “Aleppo Boy,” Atrocity Porn and Our Godawful, War-Loving Media
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Saw someone mention Jim Jatras in The Duran’s chat room, during their YouTube Livestream, and did a search for him. I liked this interview because he’s right. It’s always about the children, whether we go to war, ban something, regulate school lunches, or whatever. He also talks about how people were turning to alternative media sources, instead of MSM, and brings up the Deep State.

After Syria, Trump Should Clean Out His National Security Bureaucracy

Apparently this direct insubordination came to a head in a phone call between President Trump and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. “Why are you still there?” the latter asked Trump, who turned to Bolton. The national security advisor was on the call, but could offer no satisfactory explanation.
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I keep hearing about this phone call between Trump and Erdogan. I would have loved to have been a fly, on the wall, just to see Bolton’s reaction! I am still hoping that he either resigns or gets replaced! He is the biggest reason why Trump cannot meet with Putin! I still haven’t figured out what his grudge with Lavrov is! 🤔