My Research on Cambridge Analytica and The Populist Movement

This is just a sticky post on my research into Bannon and his efforts in spreading “Populism” AKA Nationalism 

Mercer’s helped fund Trump’s campaign, was funding Bannon’s Breitbart site and Cambridge Analytica! Mercer got Bolton into the White House, too!


Cambridge Analytica and the creation of right wing media

Cambridge Analytica is bad, but Palantir is fucking terrifying

Cambridge Analytica & Brexit – Farage

Hasbara Campaign on Trump Exposed Campaign Analytica

Cambridge Analytica & Bolton

Robert Mercer: – donated $2 million to John Bolton’s Super PAC in 2016.

Revealed: the hidden global network behind Tommy Robinson

Bannon’s Populist Training School in Italy 

Steve Bannon drafting curriculum for right-wing Catholic institute in Italy

Dignitatis Humanae Institute

Populist School Vows to Fight Eviction. They were recently evicted.

Who’s funding it?!

Trump-linked “Fundamentalists” pour millions of dark money into EU, boosting the “Far-Right”

Action Institute on SourceWatch – linked to the Koch Brothers

External Links for myself, and others, to pursue:


Steve Bannon and the Civil War in the Catholic Church <–Turley also talks about Bannon’s ideas of Right-wing Nationalist Populism, and the Return of Christiandom. Turley seems to looks at Putin as the Prince Of Nationalists.

Although, Putin doesn’t see Muslims like many in this new Populist Movement do! Putin knows that it’s the groups like ISIS, and Al Qaeda, that are the terrorists! Russia built a large mosque, in Crimea, not long after Crimea voted to join Russia, as well. I’ve heard of a Jehovah Witness being jailed, (I don’t know the details), so I’m not going to sing any praises for Russia on their record of religious freedom.

Guardian’s coverage of Bannon in the EU

Loons associated with Bannon:

Steven Mosley

The Rise of Donald Trump —

Trump as Neo-Fascist —  talks about how Bannon admires Julius Evola and how Alexander Dugin’s Fourth Political Theory comes into play.

My other posts on Steve Bannon, that may, or may not, be related are linked above.

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