My Research on the “Rule of Law” vs China

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*This is more about the Hong Kong protests, I suspect that there are protesters imitating the Police, yet their uniforms don’t have ranks on their sleeves.*

Looks like Bannon & Co. didn’t get their Tiananmem Square, as they had hoped.  They did get one innocent casualty and a gentleman who’s body was over 60% burnt! 😡

As for Congress’ bogus Hong Kong Human Rights & Democracy Act, it will be likely that the U.S. won’t have any sort of trade deal, with China, and most likely will decouple from them.

Need to upload video, to my new channel, if I find it, but the sources are still relevant:

Sources for my video on Hong Kong 09.09.2019.

The persecuted Uyghers is Washington, DC’s narrative! They don’t really care about Muslims!

China’s Strategy In It’s War on Terror: Jobs Not Drones

The Truth About Uyghers and Xinjiang

Steve Bannon helps revive a cold-war anti-China organization

Steve Bannon, cheering trade war, hopes for government to fall — in China

Steve blames the U.S. Economy’s downfall on China.

No wonder Bannon is hanging out with Kyle Bass ($143 million in investments in China’s economy IF IT TANKS!)!

The Trade War IS NOT ENDING (Note Rubio’s Bill).

Scroll down to The Geopolitics of Trump’s Trade War if you want the short of it.

What would happen if China dumped $1 trillion in US treasury bonds?

One prediction from 2018.

Mike Pence’s Speech of Lies about China.

Reopened CPDC on 3/17/2019.

Steve Bannon, Ted Cruz, Newt Gingrich, Frank Gaffney, etc.

Membership of CPDC.

Islamophobia doesn’t sell, anymore, now it’s back to Communism. Goes great with Trump 2020 eliminating Socialism, as he hasn’t ruled out bringing Bannon back for his 2020 campaign team.

  1. Oh wait, we hate Muslims but supposedly China locks them up in labor camps—it’s propaganda that I’m constantly debunking.

Bannon claims Huawei is a security risk and spies on US:

Without providing further details, Bannon said he “talks to senior officials in the White House every day about China”. When asked if he meets Trump regularly, the right-wing populist said, “No, if I need to talk to him, I go through his lawyers.”

In 2010, Snowden revealed that the NSA spied on Huawei and Angela Merkel (Germany).

U.S. wants to spy and China won’t cooperate.

** 07.03.2019 – Huawei is still banned.

** 11.23.2019 — Like any other unnecessary Alphabet soup agency, the FCC voted to edge Huawei and ZTE out of U.S. Networks.  Any company using their products, will have to rip out their equipment.  Until America comes up with their own, Bye bye 5G!  🤦🏼‍♀️

Bannon has been hanging out with Guo Wengui AKA Miles Kwok:

Steve Bannon and Guo Wengui vs Hong Kong Riots

** Update on Bannon and Guo Wengui **

The mystery of who’s funding Bannon’s work has been at least partly solved.
— Read on

Guo Media is owned by Saraca Media Group, a company incorporated in Delaware, according to the contracts. Per a March 2019 tax filing, the president and director of Saraca was an individual named Han Chunguang.

Hong Kong police investigating fugitive Chinese tycoon Guo Wengui over alleged HK$32 billion money laundering conspiracy, court papers reveal

The tycoon was accused along with his daughter, his son Guo Qiang, an employee named Qu Guojiao and a man identified as Han Chunguang of involvement in a conspiracy in which they used their personal bank accounts – and those of Anton and Hong Kong International Funds Investments Limited, also owned by Guo Mei – to launder a total of HK$32.9 billion, believed to be proceeds of an indictable offence.

Billionaire’s daughter sues police

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed last year that the Interpol has issued a red notice warrant for Guo’s arrest.

It said Guo had bribed former Chinese security official Ma Jian on 11 occasions, involving some 60 million yuan (HK$68.4 million).

Recently, it was reported that Guo Wengui offered a pair $9 million for dirt on his enemies’ porn habits and out of wedlock kids.

** 11.23.2019.  Ma Jian, was sentenced to life in prison.

“Ma Jian, a former Chinese intelligence chief, used his position to help Guo Wengui further his business interests, he accepted the equivalent of $14.5 million in bribes and profited by trading stocks on inside information, according to a statement from the court.”

Miles Kwok makes claim that they’ve been spying since Bush in White House 3/5/19:

Who’s Miles Kwok/Miles Guo/Guo Wengui.

Exiled Oligarch Bitches About CCP

He sued Roger Stone for $100 million -Roger accused him of donating more than the legal limit to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Sued his property manager for 300M, after being sued for slander.

Is he a spy?!

Guo Wengui’s Crimes in China:

Five senior employees of Chinese fugitive billionaire Guo Wengui were handed suspended jail sentences on Friday after being found guilty of crimes including coercion in a business deal and misappropriation of company funds.

Embezzled $2 billion yuan from Minzu Securities.

Tycoon Said to Bring Down a Deputy Mayor. – Apparently, Guo turned on his former business partner.

China accuses outspoken Tycoon of rape.

Guo Wengui was taken to court for making false claims, which really didn’t go anywhere. According to the documents, people familiar with Guo said he is friendly and always smiling, but ruthless in business. His identity document shows that he was born in 1967 in Zhengzhou, in the central province Henan. He also used the name Guo Haoyun in Hong Kong.

Steve Bannon’s Rule Of Law Society

Kyle Bass’ Rule Of Law Foundation


Bannon and Kyle Bass, Hedgefund Manager, warn that the Chinese Communist Party is a threat, so we must abandon trade with China (4/25/19).

See? The Commies are Coming!?!

Nasdaq dismisses Bannon’s call to bar Chinese companies from US Markets

J. Kyle Bass

Kyle Bass is the founder and principal of Hayman Capital Management, L.P., a Dallas-based hedge fund. In 2008, Bass successfully predicted and effectively bet against the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis by purchasing credit default swaps on subprime securities which, in turn, increased in value when the real estate bubble burst.

Little is known about his family except that he has said he was born in Miami, Florida.  His father was manager of Hotel Fontainebleau. From there his father moved his family to Dallas and joined the Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau.

He has worked for Prudential Securities, Bear Stearns, Legg Mason, before starting up Haymen Capital Management with $33 million in assets and $5 million that he had saved.

Don’t forget that Kyle will make at least $143 million if China’s economy tanks and he has access to the White House through the RNC co-chair & Steve Bannon.

At the beginning of 2017, he set up his Hayman Hong Kong Opportunities Fund to trade in the city’s markets.
For more about Kyle, see this link.

Understanding China

Why The U.S. Spreads Lies About China

Ambassador Freeman was Nixon’s interpreter, when he first visited China in 1972 or 74. (Henry Kissinger, and others, opened China up to trade with the world.)

They ARE not Communist Dictatorship, although fascist. Worked with US in 1980s to bring down the Soviet Union. Less than 2% poverty rate.

Ambassador Freeman has even more articles about China, but this one seemed best.


**Uyghers in China:

The following are comments from the author, Godfree Roberts, on this article.

@**Xinjiang Province alone has over 24,000 mosques, the total in the top ten Muslim populated provinces is over 36,000 ( and nationally, there are over 39,000 Muslim places of worship ( So much for Islam being repressed in China.

“A Chinese friend, Xiao Zhang, writes, “I have a friend who just came back from Xinjiang and he has visited some of the reeducation camps and talked with people there. And he told me that Uighurs really received vocational education inside, not kidding, and cannot get out until completion of courses. The government in Xinjiang simply kept all the potential “trouble makers” they could find in detention based on the reports they received from various sources, among which reports from communities make up a major part. The government has known for years that poor-educated, impoverished and unemployed people are more easily to be radicalized. Now they take actions to ensure they won’t make troubles. This is another example of Chinese style of government behaviour, just like one-child policy. You may hold good intentions, but you cannot force people to be good”.

**According to a recent World Values Survey, ( 96 percent of Chinese expressed confidence in their government, compared to only 37 percent of Americans. Likewise, 83 percent of Chinese thought their country is run for all the people, rather than for a few big interest groups, whereas only 36 percent of Americans thought the same of their country.

Edelman Trust Barometer: 80–90% of Chinese trust their government, the highest trust level of any national government.


According to the Pew Charitable Trusts, “Nine in ten Chinese are happy with the direction of their country (85%), feel good about the current state of their economy (91%) and are optimistic about China’s economic future.”

Can You Criticize the Government of China?

Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government

GALLUP: U.S., China on Shaky Footing in Australia, New Zealand:

80% of South Koreans trust President Kim

***“China? Authoritarian? Don’t make me laugh.

au·thor·i·tar·i·an: favoring or enforcing strict obedience to authority, especially that of the government, at the expense of personal freedom.

An authoritarian government ‘favors or enforces strict obedience to authority, especially that of the government, at the expense of personal freedom’, right?

So the leader of an authoritarian power would have the sole power to:

Declare war. Frequently.

Issue 300,000 national security letters (administrative subpoenas with gag orders that enjoin recipients from ever divulging they’ve been served);

Control information at all times under his National Security and Emergency Preparedness Communications Functions.

Torture, kidnap and kill anyone, anywhere, at will.


And an authoritarian government would limit personal freedom by

Secretly banning 50,000 citizens from flying and refusing explanations.

Refusing to discuss citizens’ wishes like Medicare for All, which 70% desire

Imprisoning 2,000,000 citizens witout trial.

Killing 2,000 citizens each year prior to arrest.


Since China does none of those things and America does all of them, which has an authoritarian government?

An authoritarian leader would have the sole power to:

Declare war–frequently;

Issue 300,000 national security letters (administrative subpoenas with gag orders that enjoin recipients from ever divulging they’ve been served);

Control information at all times than any monarch in history under National Security and Emergency Preparedness Communications Functions.

to torture, kidnap and assassinate anyone, anywhere, at will.

Personal freedom would limited by a government that

Secretly bans 50,000 people from flying and refusing requests for an explanation

Imprisons 2,000,000 people without trial

Kills 2,000 people each year prior to arrest

No Chinese leader, Mao included, has had one of those powers.” – Godfree Roberts, Unz Review

***”China is home to 122,000,000 ethnic minority people and recognizes 35 ethnic languages (nine of them on its currency), including white folk like us.” – Godfree Roberts, Unz Review