A Little Investigation – Part 2

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little whoisThe whois registry for Patrick’s website returns a Florida phone number. Let’s check it out…

little phone 3According to Nuwber, the phone belongs to Wesley D. Parker. Who is that?

little wesley 1He’s a Real Estate appraiser in Florida.  You can read more about him here.

little wesley 2According to PeopleSmart Wesley D. Parker is related to Wesley Ryan Parker.

little wesley 3Wesley Ryan Parker was arrested for running weed. There should be a mugshot somewhere…

little wesley 4WEW LAD!  That’s one kosher looking criminal. If Wesley Ryan Parker is Jewish and related to Wesley D. Parker that means Wesley D. Parker is likely also Jewish. Why is Little’s website coming back to Jews in Florida? This rabbit-hole can be explored further but let’s re-direct our attention back to Patrick.

little-trs-redditIn part one of this investigation I showed that the DailyStormer and TRS are likely aiding Patrick Little, and the admin of his Reddit page has basically…

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