Facial recognition: coming to a town near you


Elemi Fuentes

Mass surveillance tools such as face recognition are often sold to the citizens under the guise of ‘protection’. Usually the ‘protection’ is from terrorists that somehow are never caught before the act, yet allowed to rampage our streets and create chaos for the benefit of The Government’s private agenda: more mass surveillance and the steady diminishing of our personal rights.

But is it really all done for our own protection? Or is there a more sinister motive behind it all?

As it turns out, not only is The Government tracking your every movement, but facial recognition is currently being used to ban residents from City Halls and other venues simply for disagreeing with a Town Hall’s policies.

City Halls Use Facial Recognition To Blacklist And Ban Residents.

The current move happened in Boise City Hall and City Hall West, Idaho. As reported by MassPrivateI, they used the technology to…

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