The Land of the Free-ish

Most of the people I follow on Twitter, or Youtube, already believe that the news is fake, so they use alternative. If they’re Trump fans, they’re reading Breitbart which exaggerates about the migrant caravans!

Elemi Fuentes

My American friends always like to boast that America is ‘the land of the free’ and ‘the land of opportunity’. I get that. We all love our own homelands. But when it comes to America, how free are you exactly?

For instance, you have no privacy when it comes to travelling. Everywhere you go and everything you do is logged and recorded and sent to the Department of Homeland Security to further classify and analyse your movements and your habits.

The DHS, in conjunction with other agencies, uses a system known as IDENT. IDENT is a continually growing database that holds biometric information and other personal data on over 220-millions unique individuals and processes 350,000 fingerprint transactions every day, of people who have entered, attempted to enter, and exited the United States of America.

Department of Homeland Security video on travelling inspections

After 9/11 and…

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