How Poroshenko Stole and Exported $8 Billion from Ukraine

“It is known about plundering $3 billion. Giuliani is here to investigate all of this and he sent Sam to Ukraine. Under American law, those who found the stolen American money are entitled to 10% of the total sum,” reports Tsarev. “Giuliani and Kislin’s law firm can completely legally earn $300,000,000 dollars if the stolen sum is $3 billion. I want to note that Sam Kislin has also personal scores to settle with Poroshenko. Poroshenko banned Kislin from entering Ukraine. Kislin learned about this when he landed at Boryspol. He, already being not a young man, was obliged to spend a night in storage and could leave only in the morning. Let’s agree, for a respectful and not the bottom person in the Republican party, it was very humiliating.”