Wrong uniforms, again, but in Hong Kong this time?!

The ones without stripes are most likely protesters! Notice how unprofessional they are? Standing there, with unpressed uniforms, on their phones? They’re only standing next to the actual police officer to look legit in the filming. Don’t forget that the U.S. Senators, Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley visited this past weekend, as well!

It happened in Venezuela, as well. The military personnel who “turned” on Maduro and were in Peru. Their uniforms were the old ones. Even Venezuelans realized it.

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Fed Adds $87.7 Billion To Financial System in Latest Repo Transactions

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York added $87.7 billion to the financial system Tuesday, using the market for repurchase agreements, or repo, to relieve funding pressure in money markets.
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Sucker Putin Falls For AI Scam!

Awful Avalanche

Dear Readers:

I saw this story this morning, which proves to me that (otherwise non-artificial and highly-intelligent) Russian President Putin has been snookered by the peddlars of so-called “Artificial Intelligence” (AI).  The reporter is Olga Nikitina, and the headline reads:

Putin has been shown to be a cyborg from the future.

Putin Has Confirmed A Strategy For Developing Artificial Intelligence

In Russian, the phrase is Искусственный интеллект (Is-KUS-vennyi Intellekt).  The term “AI” broadly encompasses a suite of many types of digital computer applications (some of them even valid!), including Robotics, Machine Learning Algorithms, Natural Language Processing (NLP), facial and pattern recognition; and not to mention all the possible military applications, such as “smart missiles”, “smart bombs” and other smart things.  On the domestic front, consumers already purchase AI products that include “personal electronic assistants” (such as Siri, Alexa, etc.) which respond to voice commands and spy on their…

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The Myth of the Ukrainian Holodomor – Part III

Dear Readers: Continuing with this piece from VZGLIAD, by analyst Nikolai Storozhenko.  The title of the piece describes exactly the condundrum we encounter here: How the Myth of the Holodomor Got Turned Into a Holiday of Hatred Towards Russians Indeed.  One of the ironies of this Ukrainian mythologizing, as we discussed yesterday, is the bait-and-switch…
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The Myth of the Ukrainian Holodomor – Part II

Dear Readers: Continuing with this piece from VZGLIAD, by analyst Nikolai Storozhenko.  Yesterday we saw how the wily Ukrainian politician Leonid Kuchma implemented the November “Day of Remembrance of Victims of the Famine” to help him to win the 1999 Presidential election by appeasing Ukrainian Nationalists.  The latter, inspired by the decades-old diaspora forces, had…
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The Myth of the Ukrainian Holodomor – Part I

Dear Readers: Today I have this piece from VZGLIAD, by analyst Nikolai Storozhenko.  It was written yesterday, November 24, the day on which the Ukrainian government and their Nationalist satellites around the world, pull out all the stops to commemorate an event that never happened.  Namely the genocide (by Russia) against the Ukrainian people. 
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Juicy John Bolton Firing Conspiracy Theory!

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Dear Readers:

Today I have this interesting “conspiracy theory” from the Russian press, regarding President Trump’s sudden firing of his National Security Advisor, John Bolton.  The author is Ivan Danilov.  It is pretty clear to all that the walrus-moustachioed Bolton didn’t want to go, and was rather upset about his sacking; even felt somewhat humiliated, since he protesteth that “I wasn’t fired, I quit!”  No doubt Mr. Bolton will write a book telling his side of the story.  Until then, we have to rely on intelligent and informed speculations.

Like a detective investigating a crime, the first thing to adduce is the chronology:  Bolton was cast out of the White House quite soon after completing his European trip.  Without falling into the logical fallacy of post hoc ergo propter hoc (it followed in time, therefore was caused by…), this is still something to be noted, in case, maybe…

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