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·  “European far right parties with pro-Russian geopolitical preferences are probably the most studied” among the pro-Russian political parties and movements in the West. The most notable among them: The National Rally (RN; formerly FN, for Front National) in France; the Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ); the Northern League (LN) under the leadership of Matteo Salvini in Italy; Alternative for Germany (AfD) in Germany; Vox in Spain; Jobbik in Hungary; UKIP in Britain; and Vlaams Belang in Belgium [we may add the Sweden Democrats in Sweden; Golden Dawn in Greece; Ataka in Bulgaria; the Danish People’s Party in Denmark; True Finns in Finland; and some elements on the U.S. populist Right, which “learns from the European populist Right, where Putin is seen as a champion of nationalism and traditional social values and as a reliable opponent of Islamism,” according to National Review’s Nicholas Frankovich].
“Far right parties mostly see Russia as the defender or savior of a white, Christian-heritage, European civilization, both against an alleged Islamic invasion through immigration and refugee flows, but also against socially liberal policies such as legislation allowing for same sex marriages.”
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Editorial: A Midwest plea to Trump: Do the China trade deal

The effects are not pretty. Factory output is down nationally, and manufacturing employment has declined in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania — states that were crucial to Trump’s 2016 victory. A study for the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta calculated that the tariffs and trade friction “subtracted about 40,000 jobs per month from non-farm payrolls and about $259 billion in sales over the first half of the year.”

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