Assange to Testify on Being Recorded in Embassy in London

In the court filing, the prosecution asserts that Mr. Morales returned from a security fair in Las Vegas in 2015, gathered his employees and told them that UC Global was going to work “for the dark side,” which he explained as referring to the United States authorities.

He signed a contract with Las Vegas Sands, the casino and resort company of Sheldon Adelson, and the prosecution contends that Mr. Morales passed information about Mr. Assange to security officials at the company, saying it acted as a go-between with the C.I.A.
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The Differences between Socialism and National Socialism

In nations that embrace socialism, workers are perceived as the real owners of production processes (Eccleshall, 1994). The aim of socialism is to prevent wage labor and production processes from being perceived as commodities. By giving workers the rights to national resources, socialism capitalizes on use value, rather than exchange value (Eccleshall, 1994). National Socialism permits the private ownership of national resources and production processes. In Nazi Germany, foreign corporations like IBM and Ford were not nationalized when Hitler became the Fuhrer. According to Bel (2006), Hitler’s government privatized four banks and several steelwork companies, and gained a lot of revenue by taxing these large corporations (Loughlin, 2001).

While socialism prevents class wars by asserting that no social class of people is more deserving than the other, National Socialism makes use of corporatism to bring together workers and entrepreneurs (Bel, 2006). In nations that embraced National Socialism and socialism, citizens were expected to contribute to state projects on a daily basis. However, this objective was accomplished in different ways.
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[2012] Zbigniew Brzezinski discusses his concerns over Obama’s Asia policy.

We return to the subject of ignorance, which Brzezinski lists as one of America’s six “key vulnerabilities” in his book alongside “mounting debt’, a “flawed financial system”, “decaying national infrastructure”, “widening income inequality”, and “increasingly gridlocked politics”. He contrasts the level of knowledge of Chinese policymakers with that of their American counterparts. Having befriended Deng Xiaoping, China’s former leader, who led the country out of its long dark Maoist night, Brzezinski is an unabashed admirer of China’s diplomatic skills. He even had Deng round to his DC home for dinner. The diminutive Chinese leader was amused when Brzezinski served him from a bottle of Russian vodka he had been given for Christmas by the Soviet ambassador.

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[2015] America’s Global Balancing Act by Zbigniew Brzezinski

The redistribution of global power has produced a situation in which the US is no longer the sole hegemon. The US has to acknowledge the fact that the world is now much more complex, and that, though it must understand the national interests of key players, it cannot allow itself to identify completely with any of them.

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How “Cultural Marxism” became the Far-Right’s Scapegoat (video)

How “Cultural Marxism” became the Far-Right’s Scapegoat – YouTube

The Myth of Cultural Marxism


Rethinking Recognition

Culture Industry

Where did the Frankfurt School Cultural Marxism conspiracy theory come from?

Goebbels claims Jews will destroy culture


Cultural Marxism catching on


William S. Lind

Pat Buchanan