NATO’s Dirty Little Secret Is Out

It is past time for pro-NATO figures among America’s political and policy elites to come clean with the American people. Americans deserve to know what risks they and their loved ones are incurring because of Washington’s obligations—especially obligations to trivial and vulnerable NATO members on Russia’s border.
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Sociopaths on the Left and Sociopaths on the Right Work to Break Potential US-China Alliance

Donald Trump is in a painful bind. The China-bashing traitors within his own party trying to pass themselves off as American patriots have done everything…
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Bannon may dress like he’s middle class, but he’s part of the elite!

This video aged well. I guess if you can’t beat him, you join him?!

Government Cuts $5.5 Billion from Food Stamps Over Five Years, but Gives Banks $300 Billion in Only Three Months

The Federal Reserve is quietly pumping big money into the banking system by way of the market for repurchase agreements (the repo market). In September, this sector—which connects institutions with cash to institutions in need of quick cash (short term loans)—went suddenly dry, and interest rates on short term debts spiked from around 2 percent to 10 percent. To normalize interest rates, the Fed began pumping cash into market by purchasing stagnant paper (treasury bills…
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Fuck them!