The Ukrainian Influence Peddling Rings – A Microcosm of How Imperial Washington Rolls

Last night we heard some knucklehead on the War Channel (CNN) braying about Ukraine as a vitally important “ally and strategic partner”. The – David Stockman for Original
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Wikipedia Fraud EXPOSED: Troll farms and the CIA have hijacked the once open platform

Until recently I haven’t been closely following the controversy between Wikipedia and popular anti-imperialist activists like John Pilger, George Galloway, Craig Murray, Neil Clark, Media Lens, Tim Hayward and Piers Robinson. Wikipedia has always been biased in favor of mainstream CNN/CIA narratives, but until recently I hadn’t seen much evidence that this was due to anything other than the fact that Wikipedia is a crowdsourced project and most people believe establishment-friendly narratives. That all changed when I read this article by Craig Murray, which is primarily what I’m interested in directing people’s attention to here.  The article, and this one which prompted it by Five Filters, are definitely worth reading in their entirety, because their contents are jaw-dropping. In short there is an account which has been making edits to Wikipedia entries for many years called Philip Cross. In the last five years this account’s operator has not taken a single day off–no weekends, holidays, nothing–and according to their time log they work extremely long hours adhering to a very strict, clockwork schedule of edits throughout the day as an ostensibly unpaid volunteer.

Wikipedia is the authority – Facebook is the operation.  That means that since the invention of the ‘internets’ (Bush, 2002) they have been working hard to create a disinformation system so intelligent it is disguised as a ‘free open sourced encyclopedia’ that anyone can edit.  Nothing can be further from the truth.  Wikipedia is a tool of the Establishment to suppress free speech and defame political opponents.  It is a tool for big business to control information on controversial products, such as drugs that can have fatal side effects.   
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China Focus: Xinjiang determined in counter-terrorism, deradicalization, maintaining development

Shohrat Zakir said trainees have all graduated after participating in education and training programs of standard spoken and written Chinese, understanding of the law, vocational skills and deradicalization at vocational education and training centers in Xinjiang.
With the help of the government, they have achieved stable employment, improved their quality of life and been living a happy life, he said.
For the next step, Xinjiang will offer regular and open education and training to village officials, Party members in rural areas, farmers and herdsmen and unemployed middle school graduates who have the willingness and need for such education, he noted.
The education and training will be carried out based on principles under which trainees’ wishes and independent choices are respected, he said, adding that attendees are free to join or quit programs at any time. Training programs will be tailored to meet trainees’ needs, and the periods of programs will vary based on the courses.
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