‘Economic Nationalism’ vs. Libertarian Globalism Is the Battleground of 21st Century Politics

What I took away from the movie was less about whether Bannon might personally be able to scale Trumpism up to the international level and more about the realization that nationalism vs. globalism is the fundamental political cleavage in the 21st century. Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have far more in common with each other than they do with many people in their own parties; one reason American politics is increasingly spiteful and stupid is because we’re speaking in terms—right-wing and left-wing, liberal and conservative, even socialist and capitalist—that have become outmoded. There are socialist populists and socialist internationalists, right-wing populists and right-wing internationalists, and on and on.
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Christian Revisionism is Dangerous — Here’s Why

Christian Patriotism, or Christian Revisionism, what does it mean? First, have you noticed the “patriotism” trend within the church, you know the folks who elevate the U.S. Constitution to “divine” status?  Or, the websites with eagles and slogans such as “Red Nation Rising,” have you seen them tied with Christianity? Oh, yes, they exist. A…
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