Opinion: America Must Not Forget ‘Normal’ During This Era of Trump – Times of San Diego

Just a few weeks after Trump was sworn into office, Steve Bannon, at the time a top White House adviser, cited the “deconstruction of the administrative state” as a core principle of the President’s agenda: “Mr. Trump and his appointees have labored to dismantle chunks of the government and drive people out the door, directly and indirectly.”
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The Impeachment of Trump Protects Our Constitutional Order

The hype of the looming impeachment of President Trump has brought many differing opinions about the matter. The Democrats in Congress are pushing hard for the impeachment, while Republican Senators are already drawing their line in the sand to protect the President. But, many are forgetting the main reason behind this impeachment and that is…
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“Anyone to my left is an antisemite”

Labour’s massive loss to the Tories has bummed out a lot of people. Everyone’s discussing it and arguing about what went wrong and who’s to blame. I don’t have any special insight into UK politics, but one thing that really shocked me about the election is the way that Jewish identity and fabricated charges of antisemitism were weaponized in a smear campaign against Jeremy Corbyn and the mild leftwing shift of his Labour Party.
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