[2018] Steve Bannon goes to war with the Pope

Just as few realize how left-wing Bannon can be, few realize how his Catholicism is at the core of his politics. He still attends mass regularly. Bannon is convinced that capitalism is not working any more because we in the West have jettisoned the Judeo-Christian values that stopped the bosses and the bankers treating people like commodities. To reverse this, these values – and not necessarily a belief in God Himself – are enough.
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America Will Likely Experience a Social Breakdown in the 2020s

The United States, like the other parts of the world that have been ravaged by rampant economic inequality and corporate despotism, is headed for a social breakdown. This gets more apparent every time wealth disparity is shown to be at a decades-high level, every time the military budget is expanded by billions of dollars to…
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US Defence Secretary Mark Esper wants to cut troops ‘with or without’ Afghan peace deal

“I would like to go to a lower number because I want to either bring those troops home” to retrain for new missions or to “be redeployed to the Indo-Pacific to face off our greatest challenge in terms of the great power competition that’s vis-a-vis China”, he said.
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