Iran’s Information Ministry Denies Being Instructed To Cut Internet On Thursday

The Iranian Information and Communications Technology Ministry denied on Wednesday media reports that it had received orders to limit Internet access across the country on December 26, Iran’s ISNA news agency said.Thursday will mark the 40th day since the nationwide protests against a hike in gasoli ..
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[2017] How Russia Became “Our Adversary” Again


True to form, de facto Democrat Bernie “sheep-dog” Sanders (“I”-VT) has played along with the Russiagate scam even as it undercuts progressive impulses within and beyond the Democratic Party. Surprised?  You shouldn’t be.  “Bernie the Bomber” (as he was nicknamed by peace activists in his home town of Burlington, Vermont) was a fierce advocate of Bill Clinton’s criminal New Cold War attack on Serbia – and action that was a great provocation of Russia.  Sanders has been a great supporter of the scandal-ridden F-35, scheduled for sale to Germany and other NATO-aligned forces. He has also provocatively called for U.S.- and Western-led regime in Russia-allied Syria.
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