Russian government resigns after Putin’s state of the nation address

The resignation of the widely unpopular Russian government comes amid mounting social conflict and escalating war tensions between the US and Iran which threaten to draw in the entire South Caucasus region and Russia itself.
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Robert Hyde, a new character in impeachment drama, is a Trump devotee with checkered past

Candidate financial disclosures filed last month shed some light on the source of Hyde’s wealth. The records describe multiple assets and sources of income amounting to well over $1 million, and Hyde lists work in public relations for three entities, including LightStone Group, whose website identifies it as a real estate investment firm. ABC News reached out to both LightStone and did not immediately hear back.

He also lists public relations work he conducted for Cheng Gao, whom Mother Jones described as a “mysterious Trump donor from China.” In 2016 and 2017, Chen Gao donated a total of $150,000 to Trump Victory, a joint fundraising committee between the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee.

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Hyde also names himself as “consultant/president” of a company called A10 Associates, a state and federal political lobbying firm active in Washington, DC, Indiana, and Massachusetts. Jessica Tocco, the CEO at A10, disputed Hyde’s claim and said she had been in the FEC about filing a complaint.

“We hired [Hyde] as a consultant for three weeks before we fired him” in November 2018, Stucco said. “He was absolutely not president of our company.”
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North Korea shows how a society can heal after suffering through imperialist violence

In living memory, the people of north Korea have endured an act of violence that’s equivalent to the Holocaust. When the U.S. partnered with the right-wing south Korean dictator Syngman Rhee to…
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