Liberating Thought, Part 3: Seeking Truth From Facts

The real problem, then, is to be locked into old ways, old dogmatisms developed under different circumstances. One might study carefully – always a useful undertaking – the texts of Marx and Engels, or indeed Lenin, Stalin and Mao, but the risk is that one takes them as iron-clad prescriptions for all situations. Deng’s point here is that such an approach is actually a betrayal of Marxism, for the key is the method itself rather than the specific results arising from the method in specific situations.
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Wang Yi: Lies become truth when the United States is the subject

The quote of the month must go to Wang Yi, the Chinese foreign minister. At the Munich Security Conference, which is agonising over the decline of the ‘West’, Wang Yi observed in response to the groundless accusations by the cowboys from the United States: All these accusations against China are lies, not based on facts,…
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