[2018] What about the Uyghurs? – STALIN’S MOUSTACHE

Further, for some international critics, the claim that radical Muslim Uyghurs are involved in terrorism is a smokescreen for the suppression of the Uyghur. But let us see how selective the terminology of ‘separatism’ and ‘terrorism’ is. From one perspective, the attack on the World Trade Centre in New York in 2001 is ‘terrorist’, while the efforts by some in Tibet and Xinjiang are peaceful and ‘separatist’, seeking independence. In short, any attack on western sites are ‘terrorist’, but any attack in other parts of the world – whether China or Russia or Syria – are ‘separatist’. From another perspective, the attempted suicide attack on a China Southern flight in 2008, threats to attack the Beijing Olympics in 2008, a car ramming in Tiananmen Square in 2013 and the deadly knife attack in Kunming railway station – all perpetrated by Uyghur radical Muslims – are ‘terrorist’ acts. To add a twist to all this, the Chinese government typically uses a three-character phrase, “separatism, extremism and terrorism,” which indicates that they see a continuum and not an either-or relation.
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[2015] The New Face of Global White Nationalist Terror

At times carelessly characterized as “right-wing extremism” or “organized racism,” white nationalism is a subculture unto itself. Though white nationalists often consider themselves heirs to the Southern Confederacy or the Third Reich, their agendas are fitted to the contemporary world. The movement’s core claim is that the global white population is being bred out of existence thanks to a confluence of multiculturalism, interracialism, and progressive social causes like feminism — all of which are usually seen as having been orchestrated by Jews. The movement calls on whites to overthrow governing regimes or withdraw into segregated all-white enclaves. White nationalism has never had a centralized organization, but was instead manifest in scores of small activist groups that sprung up throughout Europe, the Americas, South Africa, and Australia during the 1980s and 1990s. These groups often formed around a charismatic leader who would enforce both ideological dogma and order.
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