[2019 – International sharp comments] Bannon of the stream is the United States enemy

2019-05-16 20:28 Central radio and television station International sharp review

(Translation from Google isn’t the greatest.)

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Recently, the“language not astonishing die endlessly”the Steve Bannon is finally and brush the sense of presence. The former has“a White House counselor,”said the former U.S. President, Senior Strategic Consultant, since 2017 Year 8 months to be swept out after, has been simmering breath in around moonlighting, the alarmists to sell his fan slandered China’s cliche, trying to comeback. Now, when the government of the United States once again on China to lift tariffs stick, the Bannon seems to feel the opportunity came, took the opportunity to concoct a long article from the six aspects raved,“China has become the U.S. biggest enemy”, and encouraged the old master not in the field with China’s“economic war”in the compromise, to use the tariff sticks dry in the end.

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