**Pandemic Imminent? US, Japan … Everyone is Screwing Up Coronavirus**

US: In the cruise ship in Japan, there are about 350 Americans, out of which 14 had the novel coronavirus. The US State Department decided to fly them all in one plane, even though the CDC strongly advised against it. To make things worse, the US put the sick and the healthy people together in a bunch of buses and made them sit inside for four hours, while waiting for the plane. Needless to say, a day after everyone landed, 18 tested positive — meaning that four people got sick during the trip back home.

The government is also not very transparent about how many confirmed and suspected cases there are in the US now. California alone has more than 7000 people under self quarantine. In Michigan, hundreds of suspected cases are asked to “do their best” to stay at home! In New York, 575 “medium risk” suspected cases have been asked to participate in “voluntary quarantine.” Hmm … honor system is a great way to control a dangerous virus! And there’s no central database for all the states either.

As for testing, only 3 out of 100 labs in the US have coronavirus diagnostic kits. The CDC sent a lot of non-functional (useless) kits to states all over the country. Hawaii got damaged and non-performing diagnostic kits, and is being told that they may not get new kits for a month. Thanks to tourism, what happens in Hawaii does not stay in Hawaii.

America is thus fudging and hiding the Coronavirus numbers by not testing people and by not including the thousands of people under quarantine. The current official number of 34 doesn’t even include the 18 people who returned from the cruise ship in Japan. It’s a clusterfu*k!
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