White House prepares emergency spending request for coronavirus

U.S. cases of novel coronavirus rose again on Monday, largely connected to passengers who had been aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship. As of Monday, 53 people in the United States tested positive for novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, as the virus is officially known.
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Trump’s new intel chief could have legal liability for failing to register as a foreign agent: report

“The law requires people who advocate in the United States on behalf of a foreign power to register and disclose their activities. Grenell did not register, records show,” the paper noted. “Grenell’s firm, Capitol Media Partners, worked for a range of clients, according to Grenell’s public financial disclosures, including law firms, advocacy organizations on anti-tax and gun rights issues, energy companies and celebrities including Kate del Castillo, an actress perhaps best known as the ex-girlfriend of Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman, the drug kingpin. Grenell also represented people based in countries such as Iran, Kazakhstan, Somalia and China, according to an archived version of his personal website.”
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Apple to again skip US congressional hearing on Chinese influence in tech

Apple has for the second time declined to attend a U.S. congressional hearing that would have scrutinized its relationship with China as part of a larger investigation into tech privacy and security.
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Fixed it! 😉

Apple’s willingness to kowtow to Donald Trump is often viewed as antithetical to its well-groomed image as a bastion of human rights, data privacy and free speech. 

Weld denied spot on New Mexico primary ballot

Candidates not receiving the nomination of the committee may file petitions for placement on the primary ballot. Candidates submitting petitions for the office of president of the United States must have the consent of the candidate’s political party to file. The required number of signatures is equal to not less than 2% of the total number of votes for president cast in each district at the last preceding presidential election
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People Rarely Die After Using Opioids Prescribed for Them

Although prescription pain medication is commonly blamed for the “opioid epidemic,” such drugs play a small and shrinking role in deaths involving this category of psychoactive substances. A recent study of opioid-related deaths in Massachusetts underlines this crucial point, finding that prescription analgesics were detected without heroin or fentanyl in less than 17 percent of cases. Furthermore, just 1 percent of decedents had prescriptions for the opioids that showed up in toxicology tests.
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As someone with chronic pain, I used to follow this more closely. After having my pain med(Vicodin, which isn’t an opioid) because of Jeff Sessions’ going after doctors prescribing pain medications, I gave up. One reason why you see me posting often, online. I’m in pain daily, because I cannot get anything prescribed, and I won’t do illegal drugs. I’m hoping that my state will at least lift the ban on Kratom, but for now I am trying a higher dose of CBD tablets. I’m tired of trying things that don’t work, though.