Trump Departs India With Made-for-TV Optics—but No Trade Deal With Modi

Delhi deals? Despite years of high-level negotiations, India and the United States did not announce a trade deal—even a so-called mini-deal—despite Trump’s hints during the visit that an “incredible” agreement was in the works. Both sides are holding out for better terms on items such as agricultural products, medical devices, and motorbikes—but it’s difficult to imagine momentum in an election year in the United States and with the impetus of a state visit already squandered.

Some smaller deals were announced, however. India agreed to purchase military equipment, including attack helicopters, worth $3 billion. And the two sides agreed to increase cooperation in fighting terrorism and in securing 5G networks.
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A Comparison Of Hospital Administrative Costs In Eight Nations: US Costs Exceed All Others By Far

A few studies have noted US health insurers’ and providers’ outsize administrative costs, mostly in relation to Canadian costs. However, no research has compared the administrative costs of hospitals across nations representing a broad spectrum of health care systems. Cross-national differences in accounting standards make such international comparisons challenging. To address this challenge, we assembled an international team of health policy experts to analyze hospital administrative costs for eight nations: Canada, England, Scotland, Wales, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and the United States. This article summarizes the findings of this research team and offers some lessons for policy makers who are searching for payment strategies that minimize administrative overhead.
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