What the Coronavirus Means for Pandemic Bonds (Podcast)

Back in 2017, the World Bank issued the world’s first pandemic bonds. The bonds are meant to shift some of the financial risk of a global pandemic on to investors, but they’ve been criticized for having ’triggers’ that are too tough to generate payouts. Now, as the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread, it’s worth looking at how these bonds are structured and what they can tell us about the future of public-private partnerships in finance. In this episode of Odd Lots, we speak with Olga Jonas
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Break with China? Top Trump aide eyes an opening with coronavirus

Navarro, who is known for his staunchly critical views of China, called it “cynical” to say that White House officials saw any economic opportunity in the coronavirus epidemic.
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Guaidó Left out in the Cold at Gatineau Lima Group Meeting

Thus, Trudeau is being mandated once again to do Trump’s dirty work, opportunistically using his advantage over the other Lima group members thanks to his ability to speak English and French, and thus able to directly reach out to Europe, the Caribbean and elsewhere, hoping to steal the international spotlight and gain votes at the UN for the Security Council seat Canada covets.
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