COVID-19 and Vaping

Stop saying that vaping causes COVID-19!!

EVALI was caused by people vaping *illicit* THC vape cartridges cut with Vitamin-E!!

What You Should Know About E-cigarettes and EVALI

The following are links, and resources, that I have gathered to debunk the theory on vaping and coronavirus:

FDA Shifts Its Covid-19 Stance on Vaping, Smoking Impact

FDA Finally Concedes There’s No Evidence Linking Vaping To COVID-19 Infections

Preliminary Estimates of the Prevalence of Selected Underlying Health Conditions Among Patients with Coronavirus Disease 2019 — United States, February 12–March 28, 2020

LETTER TO FDA: FDA and federal government statements on smoking, vaping and COVID-19

Smoking, vaping and the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic: rumors vs. evidence

Smoking, vaping and hospitalization for COVID-19


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Vaping & COVID-19 – Information for Vapers

Coronavirus and vaping – Over 90% of vaping products (NOT e-liquid) are made in China, meaning that supply chains will be affected!  Is the media trying to demonize vaping AND China?!

Is Vaping the Silent Killer?

Media is Woefully Irresponsible on Supposed Link Between Vaping & COVID-19

E-cigarettes more effective than counseling alone for smoking cessation

Vaping and Coronavirus: What We Know and What We Don’t

Closing Vape Shops Will Be a National Disaster

Coronavirus Has Closed Vape Shops, but Left Cigarettes Readily Available

The UK Government Says What the US Won’t: Vaping Is Safer Than Cigarettes

RE: American Academy of Pediatrics v. FDA, No. 19-2130 (argued March 18, 2020 before Judges Agee, Thacker, and Rushing)

World Health Organization Worries More About Vaping Than the Coronavirus

Coronavirus and Vaping: What It Means For You

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