Kushner Appears to Break Law Running Campaign from White House

Kushner Appears to Break Law Running Campaign from White House

Washington—Jared Kushner appears to be violating federal law by working extensively on President Trump’s re-election campaign from the White House, according to a complaint filed today by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) with the Office of U.S. Special Counsel (OSC). 

While the Hatch Act prohibits most executive branch employees from engaging in political activity while on government property or on duty, a narrow exception does allow some political activity by senior political appointees paid by the White House. It does not, however, allow it by Kushner, who declined to accept a salary in his position as a Senior Advisor to President Trump. It may not be clear why Kushner made that choice, but it is clear that it has legal consequences, including allowing him to get around a conflict of interest law. But while a conflict of interest law does not apply to him, neither does the Hatch Act exception.