AMERICA – Land of the LOCKED-DOWN, Home of the SCARED

The sheep are dumb as fuck.

One thing that really gives it all away.

Watch the press conferences.

A crowded room.

All sitting together…

NO masks..

NO social distancing.

On ANYONE in that room.

All the yes men crowd around the platform behind the president.

All the “experts” on how DOOMY this virus is..

NONE wearing masks..

All breathing all over eachother.

And the president himself..

NO mask…breathing all over the crowded press..also wearing NO MASKS. anyone with half a brain…its OBVIOUS NONE OF THEM BELIEVE A SINGLE WORD OF THE BULLSHIT THEY ARE COMMANDING US TO BELIEVE.

UKC News: Indefinite Lockdown? COVID-19 Special Edition

UKC News: Indefinite Lockdown? COVID-19 Special Edition

Week three of the UK’s lockdown and the Government cannot decide what to do. Will they maintain keeping the country locked in their homes to ‘battle the coronavirus’, or will they lift the draconian measures and face an inevitable public response from the economic and societal fallout? In this special edition of UKC News, we completely dismantle the West’s ‘lockdown’ narrative and show beyond any reasonable doubt why it was never needed in the first place.”

“Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with the latest Coronavirus updates.” Watch: