The Hong Kong protests fit the definition of a fascist movement

As I’ve watched the videos of masked young men in Hong Kong brutally attacking people for not agreeing with their pro-capitalist agenda, I haven’t been able to help thinking of every time in history where fascism and normalized reactionary violence have taken root. The Hong Kong protesters have taken off their masks of progressive populism and revealed themselves and their backers for what they are: right-wing ideologues who are eager to use the tools of fascism, including its brazenly violent aspects, to crush those who stand in the way of capitalist power.

The Hong Kong protests fit the definition of a fascist movement

The Great Decoupling

Now, Trump administration officials talk of rolling out a concept called the “Economic Prosperity Network” of like-minded countries, organizations, and businesses. The aim is in part to convince U.S. firms to extricate themselves from China and instead partner with members of the so-called network to reduce U.S. economic dependence on Beijing—seen as a key national security vulnerability. If a U.S. manufacturing company can’t move jobs from China back to the United States, for example, it could at least move those jobs to another more U.S.-friendly country, such as Vietnam or India.

The Great Decoupling

So when the relationships go bad with India, or Vietnam, we’ll have the same problems?!

Virtual Presidential Debates? We Had One in 1960

We’re all trying to figure out when and how fast the country will reopen, not the least being the politicians and campaigners. Large rallies and pressing the flesh are still the lifeblood of campaigns, even in today’s virtual world. Both Donald Trump and Joe Biden have been sidelined but are anxious to get back into the fray. The political parties are already discussing how national conventions might perform their legal and cheerleading duties remotely.

Virtual Presidential Debates? We Had One in 1960

AERODYNAMIC: How a 1950s CIA Program Can Lead the Way for Anti-Communist Propaganda Today

As you can see, these five operational objectives hold value for both the Left and the Right in today’s cultural war; however, we need to identify these parallels and adopt them for our own uses. That might be community security or community organizing—both of which are key to winning irregular conflicts—so I encourage you to identify themes that will resonate with your target audience (friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, etc) and ask them questions that are difficult for them to answer; questions that make them think.

AERODYNAMIC: How a 1950s CIA Program Can Lead the Way for Anti-Communist Propaganda Today

H/T: Why Change Technologies That Work So Well?

Because neoliberalism is so much better!?