How Not to Blunder Into a Nuclear War

This risk of nuclear war by accident is not a theoretical scenario. Perry and Collina note that the United States has experienced three major false alarms, and Russia has had two. For example, on June 3, 1980, the U.S. received a warning that Soviet submarines had launched 220 nuclear-armed missiles at the United States, a figure later presumed to be 2,200 missiles – an all-out attack. Carter administration National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski estimated that he had three minutes to decide whether to tell the president of the potential attack, and that the president would then have four minutes to make a decision on whether to launch U.S. weapons. Just as Brzezinski was about to call the president, it was determined that it was a false alarm. It was later learned that it was the result of a malfunction of a 46-cent computer chip embedded in a communications device.

How Not to Blunder Into a Nuclear War

Twitter suspends over 20,000 China-linked accounts that were spreading false news

The accounts also tweeted about two other topics: Taiwan and Guo Wengui, an exiled billionaire waging a campaign from New York against China’s president and party leader Xi Jinping and his administration. Most had little to no followers and failed to get much attention. The accounts were suspended under Twitter’s manipulation policies, which ban artificial amplification and suppression of information.

Twitter suspends over 20,000 China-linked accounts that were spreading false news

They’ll be censoring antiwar activists, eventually, if they aren’t already!

The New Cold War with China

No one can say at what point you or any of us will begin to feel the direct effects of this new Cold War, only that, as tensions and hostile acts heighten, the consequences will prove harsh indeed. So cheer now, if you approve of measures already taken to isolate and punish Beijing, but think carefully before you embrace a full-blown Cold War with China and all that it will entail.

The New Cold War with China