Inside CHAZ: An “Autonomous” Three Block-Long Seattle Street Threatens America, What?

Inside CHAZ: An “Autonomous” Three Block-Long Seattle Street Threatens America, What?

The businesses on the street were still open as was the park when I visited. There was no sign of smashed windows or burnt buildings. There had been no looting and there was no violence of any sort occurring.

The dishonest nihilism of anti-communist propaganda

Necrofuturism is a convenient philosophy for the capitalist ruling class, because it abdicates them of moral responsibility for the ecological catastrophes, wars, and explosions of poverty that the system is taking the world towards. The rising sea levels, the droughts, the refugee crises, the conflicts, the economic unravelings-none of these things make it worthwhile to create a better system. Capitalism can be utilized to positively respond to these crises, the system’s defenders figure. Besides, the alternative is communism, which is unquestionably worse than what capitalism has to offer.

The dishonest nihilism of anti-communist propaganda

What is Red-Brownism?

What is Red-Brownism?

This line of thinking is often subversive. Many socialists follow the commentary of Glenn Greenwald and Michael Tracey, who have developed a recent reputation for appearing regularly on Tucker Carlson, whose political views are fascistic. These appearances usually consist of them all happily gloating together at some mistake on the part of liberalism — which often invites parts of the socialist left to partake as well.