RT is accused of supporting QAnon. But with Russiagate back for 2020, who are the real state-funded conspiracy theorists?

RT is accused of supporting QAnon. But with Russiagate back for 2020, who are the real state-funded conspiracy theorists?

But there’s more than a little irony in who Reuters has chosen to slay the dragon of disinformation. Graphika, a “social network analysis” firm that appears to specialize in squashing narratives that contradict the US government line, counts among its ranks such luminaries as Ben Nimmo, perhaps best known for baselessly accusing British and Finnish citizens of being Russian bots. Nimmo, who remains a senior non-resident fellow at pro-war NATO-backed think tank Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab and has also worked with the UK government’s secretive Integrity Initiative, was hired by Graphika last year as its Head of Investigations, suggesting the company values a vivid imagination over factual accuracy.

Like the Atlantic Council itself, Graphika has partnered extensively with the same US government agencies that continue to flog the “Russian meddling won Trump the 2016 election” conspiracy theory. Rather than die a graceful death after the Mueller report failed to turn up the promised evidence of collusion in 2019, Russiagate has been resurrected for the 2020 election with a 1,000-page Senate report and a parade of ominous government statements suggesting nefarious foreign actors are to blame for any and all election results. Topping off this conspiracy souffle are the usual anonymously-sourced news articles reminding Americans to blame Putin if they don’t get their way in November.

Graphika is the same organization that is watching anyone criticizing Guo Wengui, calling them ‘Chinese Bots,’ basically, and having them removed by Twitter and YouTube!

Richard Spencer’s New Grift – Riding With Biden


YouTube: Richard Spencer’s New Grift – Riding With Biden

Creepy Joe’ has Twits on the lookout for people tweeting about Richard Spencer’s endorsement, as I received the following as a reply (from someone I don’t even follow), on Twitter. That’s creepy, in itself!

Biden Campaign Rejects Richard Spencer Endorsement, Condemns Views as ‘Absolutely Repugnant’

Spencer, 42, previously backed Trump in the 2016 election. But he tweeted an endorsement of Biden on Sunday. “I plan to vote for Biden and a straight democratic ticket. It’s not based on ‘accelerationism’ or anything like that; the liberals are clearly more competent people,” he wrote.

In a follow-up Twitter post early Monday morning, Spencer shared an image of himself with the words: “I’m on team Joe.”

“The MAGA/Alt-Right moment is over. I made mistakes; Trump is an obvious disaster; but mainly the paradigm contained flaws that we now are able to perceive. And it needs to end,” Spencer wrote in a series of tweets, explaining his decision. “So be patient. We’ll have another day in the sun. We need to recover and return in a new form.”

Updated: Protests Break Out in Wisconsin After Police Shoot Black Man in the Back Multiple Times at Point-Blank Range

Protests Break Out in Wisconsin After Police Shoot Black Man in the Back Multiple Times at Point-Blank Range

Protests broke out in Kenosha, Wisconsin and the state’s Justice Department launched an investigation Sunday evening after police officers shot 29-year-old Jacob Blake in the back multiple times at point-blank range as he tried to enter his vehicle.

Witnesses told local reporters that Blake was attempting to break up a fight prior to being shot by the officers, who closely followed Blake to his car and fired seven shots after he opened the driver-side door. According to civil rights attorney Ben Crump, Blake’s children were in the car when the officers shot their father.


Kenosha police opened fire less than 5 minutes after being called: scanner audio

According to the audio obtained by Madison365, someone called police to report that Blake was at her home and wasn’t supposed to be, and that he had taken her keys and was refusing to give them back.

The police shooting of Jacob Blake, a Black Wisconsin father, explained

‘He’s trying to pull through:’ Jacob Blake’s cousin asks that people ‘try to keep the city quiet’

New York University moves to implement racial segregation in student dorms

New York University moves to implement racial segregation in student dorms

Identity politics solely serves the interests of the wealthy and privileged layer of society that has profited from the suffering of the working class. Specifically, it is the primary mechanism through which the “next 9 percent,” directly below the top 1 percent, seeks to achieve a more equal distribution of wealth within the top 10 percent of society. This layer, the upper-middle class, has no more qualms over exploiting the working masses for personal gain than the corporate, financial oligarchs at the very top of society.