Trump Knows What He’s Doing – He Needs to Go Now

Trump Knows What He’s Doing – He Needs to Go Now

As a longtime left Marxist, I think I would know if the Black Lives Matter movement shared my world view. It doesn’t. Black Lives Matter, whatever exactly it is, does not advocate multi-racial working-class socialist revolution, workers’ control, the collective ownership of the means of production, and the dismantlement of the American capitalist Empire. The sixteen-chapter organization that calls itself the Black Lives Matter Network (formed in 2013) would not have received millions of dollars from the Ford Foundation and various corporate sponsors if it advocated those things.

I have been to numerous “Black Lives Matter” rallies and have never once heard echoes of the original Black Panther Party’s call for multi-racial proletarian revolution. The rallies (whose causes I have supported, including the defunding of the nation’s racist mass incarceration and police state) have been oriented around race, with no or very little reference to class, and no white speakers allowed. The slogan is fairly mild – nothing like “Black Power” or “All Power to the People.”

Let’s not fall into the empire’s trap

Let’s not fall into the empire’s trap

If they are anti-racists and anti-colonialists, they should demand an end to the funding of the Zionist State of Israel, or an end to the colonization of Puerto Rico, or of the blockades of Cuba and Venezuela, or the lifting of the evil Nica Act, or, for example, the dismantling of the colonial structure of the Organization of American States, a living example of US colonialism and Atlanticism in our day, which routinely does such infamous things as the shameful coup d’état against the democratically elected indigenous government of Evo Morales Ayma in Bolivia.

[2008] The Dirty Trickster

The Dirty Trickster

Over the years, Stone’s relationships with colleagues and clients have been so combustible that his value as a messenger has been compromised. Stone worked for Donald Trump as an occasional lobbyist and as an adviser when Trump considered running for President in 2000. “Roger is a stone-cold loser,” Trump told me. “He always tries taking credit for things he never did.” Like Nixon, Stone is also a great hater—of, among others, the Clintons, Karl Rove, and Spitzer. So what happened at Miami Velvet one night last September, he said, amounted to a gift.

Interesting article about Roger Stone. Eliot Spitzer was the “Sheriff of Wall Street,” prior to being Governor of New York.


Eliot’s Mess

The $200 billion bail-out for predator banks and Spitzer charges are intimately linked

‘It’s insanity!’: How the ‘Brooks Brothers Riot’ killed the 2000 recount in Miami