Evidence the U.S. Is a Dictatorship, Not a Democracy

Evidence the U.S. Is a Dictatorship, Not a Democracy

By accepting corruption (as conservatives do, since they are devoted to the free market), a person accepts one-dollar-one-vote government, and rejects one-person-one-vote government — one accepts a dictatorship by wealth, and rejects a democracy by the people: by the nation’s residents. So: this difference in support for the aristocracy — the holders of the vast majority of the nation’s wealth — might explain the differences between Republicans and Democrats.

The Plot Against Libya

The Plot Against Libya

However, Henri-Levy had a still more critical role to play: bringing the US military juggernaut into the plot. Henri-Levy organized the first of what would be several high-level talks between US officials from the Obama Administration and the Libyans of the TNC. Most importantly, Henri-Levy set up the meeting between Abdeljalil and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. While Clinton was skeptical at the time of the meeting, it would be a matter of months before she and Joe Biden, along with the likes of Susan Rice, Samantha Power, and others would be planning the political, diplomatic, and military route to regime change in Libya.

Biden and Australia (Asia Link Sep 8, 2020)

Biden and Australia (Asia Link Sep 8, 2020)

That said, in recent months, several common themes have emerged from American thinkers, some of whom will serve in a Biden administration. These themes will impact on American allies.

Biden will prioritise rebuilding those alliances that have contributed to keeping the peace since World War 2. We have an active interest in this. As with the Trump Republicans, not all the Democrats are enthusiastic supporters of America’s security commitments.

Second, while the Democrats share some of the wider American reservations about multilateralism, they will put constructive energy into multilateral endeavours and structures at the regional and global levels, including reforming some of them. They will be looking to Western democracies, including Australia, to work to this end.

Third — and crucial for Australia — will be the Biden administration’s approach to China.

Mainstream American foreign policy thinkers, including the people around Biden, are realistic. They understand that China has changed. But rather than espouse the ideological crusading language of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, they are developing alternative concepts.


Why America Must Lead Again — Rescuing U.S. Foreign Policy After Trump

Who is the Rogue State in the South China Sea?

Who is the Rogue State in the South China Sea?

Moreover, as the U.S. singles out and bashes China for its non-conformity with what it declares to be the international order, it neglects to call out similar ‘violations’ thereof by its ‘allies and partners’ that it is purportedly defending. For example, the claims by the Philippines to a large swath of features and sea as Kalayaan, and that of Malaysia to various “rocks” because they lie on its claimed continental shelf are not supported by UNCLOS.

The hypocrisy of the “libertarian” anti-communists

The hypocrisy of the “libertarian” anti-communists

My comment:

Great article! Thanks!

I once, briefly, thought of being a libertarian, until I started researching foreign policy and the countries that America targeted.

While there are antiwar libertarians, many of them still support color revolutions. Even libertarian think tanks have been behind them, such as the Atlas network, in Latin America.

Another thing that I couldn’t relate to, was their hatred for the “welfare state,” which includes Social Security Security and Disability. They seem to think that charity should take care of the elderly and disabled. Very disheartening for a disabled person, such as myself!

I also really hadn’t known the history of the Libertarian party.

I still don’t know what to label myself, politically, but I am still learning. 😀

Rainer Shea: I am a normal person writing about normal things

I am a normal person writing about normal things

Hello, I’m a normal person who writes about normal things. Nothing that might cause suspicion towards me. My politics aren’t controversial at all-in fact, I barely pay attention to politics. I’m writing on Medium so that I can help cultivate the nice, inoffensive, liberal blogging environment which Medium’s Trust & Support team appears to prefer. They may have censored me for my more controversial political articles a few times before, but those conflicts are in the past. I’m done being a troublemaker! And I certainly wouldn’t write a potentially censor-risky article on my own blog. Nor would I link my Medium readers to such an article. See this link? Don’t click on it! For goodness sake, didn’t I say I’m a normal person who’s done making trouble? The last thing it would link to is an article that gives communist revolutionaries specific instructions on how to overthrow their government. I’m a very normal person.

Rainer Shea