US eyes Greek island as alternative to Turkish base due to “disturbing” Erdogan actions

US eyes Greek island as alternative to Turkish base due to “disturbing” Erdogan actions

Erdogan has threatened American access to the base, which reportedly houses dozens of U.S. nuclear weapons, multiple times since he squashed a failed coup attempt in 2016.


Greek City Times: Does US intend to transfer 50 nuclear bombs from Turkey to Greece?

Pentagon Eyeing Greece as ‘Alternative’ if Erdogan Closes Incirlik Base – US Senator

September 14, 2001: The Day America Became Israel

The rubble was still smoldering at Ground Zero when the U.S. House of Representatives voted to essentially transform itself into the Israeli Knesset, or parliament. It was 19 years ago, 11:17pm Washington D.C. time on September 14, 2001 when the People’s Chamber approved House Joint Resolution 64, the Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) “against those responsible for the recent attacks.” Naturally, that was before the precise identities, and full scope, of “those responsible” were yet known – so the resolution’s rubber-stamp was obscenely open-ended by necessity, but also by design.

September 14, 2001: The Day America Became Israel

How Successful Were Trump’s Tariffs?

How Successful Were Trump’s Tariffs?

**Job Creation: On average, Trump’s tariffs destroyed jobs. But there were some winners and losers notably steel. The cost of the “winners” was $800,000 to $900,000 per job created. More jobs were lost elsewhere.
**Negotiation Leverage: Nonexistent. Trump resorts to threats so often on the flimsiest of grounds creates mistrust.
**Improve Security: No. Antagonizing allies never improves security.

Security State 4.0

Security State 4.0

To sum up, there is no need to add to any conspiracy theory if one suspects that the pandemic is being used by some actors to expand the security and exceptional state and, if possible, to make it permanent. The impending severe economic crisis with its social consequences that are still difficult to assess should give some reason for this. Quite apart from the social distortions that the lockdown itself will cause in the longer term. There is no need for a second wave of infection from autumn 2020: the next wave of flu is sure to come.