American Cultural Psychosis and Anti-Chinese War Propaganda, by Rainer Shea

by Rainer Shea Writer, Dandelion Salad Rainer Shea: Anti-Imperialist Journalist September 23, 2020

The Iraq invasion was a prelude to our current war run-up, the war run-up that the United States would experience when its global imperial hegemony came under threat during the 2020s. Like was the case in 2003, the empire’s propaganda machine has inculcated its narratives into the minds of a solid majority of the public. Like was the case in 2003, the main target of the empire’s violent rage is merely a scapegoat for the crises that the U.S. has been experiencing. The difference is that in 2020, America’s cultural psychosis is being directed towards preparing for a war far larger than the Iraq War, a war so destructive and costly that it could end up breaking U.S. hegemony for good.

American Cultural Psychosis and Anti-Chinese War Propaganda, by Rainer Shea

In refusing to extend New START, the US puts the world on the path of collective suicide

Statements by the US chief arms control envoy make it clear the US is committed to a nuclear arms race free of the encumbrance of the New START treaty. However, it’s a race the US cannot win, and the world will not survive.

In refusing to extend New START, the US puts the world on the path of collective suicide

Report – Chad Wolf’s Wife Works At Firm That Received $6 Million In DHS Contracts

Report – Chad Wolf’s Wife Works At Firm That Received $6 Million In DHS Contracts

“After Mr. Wolf joined DHS, it began pumping millions of dollars into his wife’s firm, which also happens to be his largest financial asset,” Kyle Herrig, who leads the left-leaning watchdog group Accountable.US, told NBC. “The arrangement is highly problematic and warrants congressional scrutiny.”

What the OAS Did to Bolivia

What the OAS Did to Bolivia

According to the Los Angeles Times, “Carlos Trujillo, the U.S. ambassador to the OAS, had steered the group’s election-monitoring team to report widespread fraud and pushed the Trump administration to support the ouster of Morales.”

This week, US Representatives Jan Schakowsky and Chuy Garcia called for the US Congress to “investigate the role of the OAS in Bolivia over the past year, and ensure that taxpayers’ dollars do not contribute to the overthrow of democratically elected governments, civil conflict, or human rights violations.”

How COVID-19 stimulus money will end up in U.S. tobacco farmers’ pockets

How COVID-19 stimulus money will end up in U.S. tobacco farmers’ pockets

U.S. government aid payments to tobacco farmers will be channeled through a new account within the office of the agriculture secretary, an unusual move that bypasses the normal mechanism for distributing farm aid and stokes concerns about how the government is using COVID-19 stimulus.

The payments would benefit farmers in North Carolina, a swing state in the Nov. 3 presidential election and the country’s top tobacco producer. President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden are locked in a dead heat among likely voters in North Carolina, according to a Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll released on Tuesday.

Election ploy!

Trump delivers anti-China tirade to United Nations

Trump delivers anti-China tirade to United Nations

This is not merely a policy of the Trump administration, but rather the drive by the whole of the US ruling capitalist oligarchy to offset the decline of US capitalism’s global economic hegemony through a resort to militarism. Trump’s ostensible chief political opponent, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, has repeatedly criticized the Republican president for being too “soft” on both Russia and China.

Trump’s saber-rattling in his recorded speech to the UN must be taken with deadly seriousness. The threat of war is intensified by the need of the capitalist ruling class to divert outward the immense social tensions building up under conditions of the continuing pandemic, mass unemployment and deepening deprivation for tens of millions. An “October surprise” in the form of a new US war aimed at rallying support for Trump or creating the conditions for martial law in the US is a real threat.

The fight against the threat of war cannot be waged within the confines of the electoral contest between the two major capitalist parties, the Democrats and Republicans. It requires the independent mobilization of the working class on the basis of a socialist and internationalist program.