[2019] Former Intercept Writer Steps Forward – Is ‘The Intercept’ An Intelligence Operation?

Former Intercept Writer Steps Forward – Is ‘The Intercept’ An Intelligence Operation?

Washington Babylon has been running a number of stories this week by Tim Shorrock and I which raise the possibility — mine did directly — that Pierre Omidyar’s The Intercept (TI) is an intelligence operation, working in collaboration with the U.S. and/or a foreign government. I understand why some readers might be skeptical of that charge, so let me lay out here some additional information and why I think everyone should be open minded about the topic.

Why The Left Shouldn’t Support Joe Biden

Why The Left Shouldn’t Support Joe Biden

A Biden administration may be prepared to spend a significant amount of money given the scale of the ongoing economic crisis, but we should be under no illusion he will represent any semblance of a progressive agenda. His administration, as well as most Democrats in Congress, will relentlessly attack working people with big business bailouts, handouts to big insurance companies, and opposition to popular policies like Medicare for All. The space for the far right will very likely grow under a Biden administration and Trump may well continue building support for his ideas even if he loses. In fact, a “Trump-unleashed” situation where he is free to rally his base outside the confines of elected office could lead to the creation of a far-right party.