The Navalny Poisoning Hoax. Who Are the Instigators?

By Ludwig Watzal | American Herald Tribune | October 1, 2020

The stop of Nord Stream 2 would damage not only German national interest but also the Russian one. Canceling the project, Germany would have to pay Billions of Euros compensation to the companies, and Germany would lose all credibility as a serious trade partner. For over a year, U. S. President Donald Trump has been putting enormous pressure on the German government to cancel the project. Instead, Germany should buy expensive U. S. fracking gas. If the Germans succumb to U. S. blackmail, it will demonstrate to the world that Germany is still a U. S. colony and not sovereign.

The Navalny Poisoning Hoax. Who Are the Instigators?


Navalny ‘is working with CIA’: Kremlin makes explosive allegation after opposition figure blames Putin for alleged poisoning