Expropriate, Capture & Marginalize: the Energix business model from Palestine to the US

Energix expropriated 24 acres from a Palestinian community in the Israeli-occupied West Bank to boost its bottom line. When residents in the Israeli-occupied Golan questioned Energix electricity exports from massive wind turbines built on occupied land, Energix sued them in Israeli court.

Now Energix has brought its business practices to America. But can Energix get away with expropriating $26,000 from each home within 100 feet of its utility scale energy generators in Virginia? Will county boards of supervisors accept quiet Energix payoffs of $50,000 in exchange for 35-year licenses? Will the officials and associates of the Virginia Israel Advisory Board be allowed to engage in self-dealing with Energix and use false claims to propel Energix and other corrupt VIAB deals forward?

IRmep presents a short documentary about the Energix business model based on 90 Freedom of Information Act requests filed under the Commonwealth of Virginia sunshine law.

For FOIA information about Energix, see here.

Download the slides used in this video, here.

Expropriate, Capture & Marginalize: the Energix business model from Palestine to the US

What Waging War Is Really Like, by David Swanson

by David Swanson Writer, Dandelion Salad Let’s Try Democracy, Oct. 2, 2020 October 4, 2020

The vast majority of people who experience war directly, first-hand, rather than through Hollywood movies or politicians’ speeches, are the people who live where wars are waged. In wars involving distant wealthy nations on one-side, some 95% of those killed or injured or traumatized, and 100% of those bombed out of their homes are people against whom war is waged, most of them civilians and the rest of them people doing exactly what any Hollywood movie or politician would tell them — have told them — to do: fight back.

What Waging War Is Really Like, by David Swanson

Yemeni Court Sentences Saudi Rulers, Trump to Death

Yemeni Court Sentences Saudi Rulers, Trump to Death

The Specialized First Instance Criminal Court on Tuesday sentenced the defendants to death in absentia after finding them guilty of complicity in the Saudi-led airstrike on a bus carrying Yemeni schoolchildren in August 2018, Yemen’s Saba news agency reported.

The school bus came under attack by Saudi-led warplanes in a market in the town of Dahyan in Sa’ada. At least 50 civilians, mainly school kids, were killed and nearly 80 others were injured

André Vltchek’s Sudden Death

André Vltchek’s Sudden Death

EDITOR’S NOTE: CounterPunch received word from Rossi Indira, Andre’s partner who was with him at the time of his death, that Andre died from complications with diabetes. Andre had been very ill for several weeks prior to his death, he could barely walk and one of his legs was paralyzed. Rossi tells us that he also refused medical treatment. Andre’s funeral is being held in Istanbul.


Telling the Untold: Remembering Andre Vltchek (1963-2020)

What Armenia Won’t Tell You About Its Occupation Of Azerbaijani Land

What Armenia Won’t Tell You About Its Occupation Of Azerbaijani Land

Some news reports about the ongoing hostilities by outlets such as the BBC and Reuters contain unconfirmed sources about Syrian fighters in Azerbaijan. During the previous major outbreak of violence, in April 2016, Armenia made claims about ISIS recruits in Azerbaijan. Pashinyan himself voiced the information about Muslim radicals walking in the streets of Baku and demanding the closure of stores selling alcohol. The term “fake news” gets thrown about casually these days, but in this case, it is entirely appropriate. Despite being fully debunked, parts of the Western media, in my view, having predisposed Orientalist stereotypes against Azerbaijan, which eases the lobbying efforts of Armenian ultranationalists.

In fact, Azerbaijan, even with its democracy deficit, is a country with strong secular traditions that has prosecuted Islamic radicals to the full extent of the law, imprisoned ISIS fighters, supported U.S. operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, and assisted Western intelligence agencies in eradicating terrorism. Frankly, today’s Azerbaijan is a Muslim country as much as The Netherlands is a Christian one. The Armenian lobby groups in Washington, such as the Armenian National Committee of America and their recruits on the Capitol Hill, including several sitting Congressmen and Senators, do a big disservice to U.S. national interests by advancing the narrow xenophobic and extremist agenda of one ethnic group.

Why are UNSC resolutions on Nagorno Karabakh not implemented?