Israel – Tens of thousands call for PM Benjamin Netanyahu to resign

Israel – Tens of thousands call for PM Benjamin Netanyahu to resign

Tens of thousands of Israelis calling on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to resign demonstrated across the country Saturday evening, saying he is unfit to rule while on trial for corruption charges and accusing him of mismanaging the nation’s coronavirus crisis.

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Letter from Venezuela’s President, Nicolás Maduro, to the Peoples of the world on the impact of the criminal imperialist blockade


Venezuela – National Constituent Assembly Passes Contentious “Anti-Blockade” Law

Ren Zhiqiang was not arrested for ‘anti-communism’

Ren Zhiqiang was not arrested for ‘anti-communism’

When influential, former property executive Ren Zhiqiang was given an 18-year sentence in China, the Western media were quick to label his imprisonment as due to alleged “anti-communist” activity. The Washington Post, CNN, the Guardian, and the New York Times parroted the same message: that Zhiqiang was imprisoned for being an “outspoken” critic of the Chinese Communist Party (CPC).

The logic of the Western media’s accusation can be summarized as follows: “If Ren Zhiqiang critiqued the CPC and was later sentenced, he must have been imprisoned for his critique of the CPC.” There’s a problem with this narrative. The charges brought against him were for embezzlement of an equivalent of $16.3 million in public funds. The accusation of embezzlement has not been disputed, and there is no evidence to suggest that the charges were anything else. Zhiqiang confessed to these charges. ( claim is that Zhiqiang was detained for publishing a critique of China’s response to COVID. This accusation is unfounded by the evidence generally available.


Last night, I listened to an Progressive YouTuber discussing the recent story of the Michigan Militia plot to kidnap the Governor. The caller suggested something like the FBI inciting the incident, while the host argued that it wasn’t possible! I suppose that the host never heard of PATCON, where the FBI infiltrated Militia groups?! Anyway, I decided to look up some links about PATCON.

Story of FBI mole/informant, John Matthews: MY LIFE AS A WHITE SUPREMACIST

Liberal Counterinsurgency versus the Paramilitary Right

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