Facebook Says It Is Restricting the Spread of an Inflammatory, Dubious Story About Hunter Biden

Facebook claims it is restricting access to a New York Post story published Wednesday that suggests, via emails purportedly “obtained” by Rudy Giuliani and Steve Bannon, some new untoward business involving Hunter Biden and the Ukrainian oil company he sat on the board of, Burisma.

Facebook Says It Is Restricting the Spread of an Inflammatory, Dubious Story About Hunter Biden

Why Liberals Hate Poor White Trash

But it would be insufficient to suggest that liberals only hate white trash because they vote for Republicans. The term “liberal,” in the popular imagination, has become synonymous with upper-middle-class white urbanites, a stereotype borne out by statistics. They are a well-educated cohort—widely-read enough to understand the problems with society and capitalism but too insecure in their position to do anything that might challenge the system that has brought them relative benefit—and therefore enjoy programs which give the surface-level appearance of progress and equality. This explains their support for means-tested social programs, LGBT rights, the importation of cheap labor (under the guise of diversity), their veganism, and—most recently—their frankly fetishistic fixation on the concept of white privilege, completely devoid of any class analysis whatsoever.

Why Liberals Hate Poor White Trash


Culture War or Class War: What’s Behind Liberals’ Contempt for Poor “White Trash?”

38 billion reasons to vote for Joe Biden – If you’re Israeli

The Jewish Forward has just published an article saying that Joe Biden’s long loyalty to a foreign country is a reason to vote for him. The article is entitled “38 billion reasons to vote for Joe Biden.”

The title refers to the $38 billion aid package to Israel, which works out to $7,000 per minute from American taxpayers and is approximately $23,000 per each Jewish Israeli family of four.*

38 billion reasons to vote for Joe Biden – If you’re Israeli

Klaus Schwab and His Great Fascist Reset – An Overview

Reposting for Cory’s introduction and noted key buzzwords.

Introduction by Cory Morningstar, Wrong Kind of Green Collective:

“This exemplary overview is written by Paul Cudenec, who I work with on the No Deal For Nature campaign – an effort to educate the citizenry (in order to stop) the coming enclosure and financialization of nature, global in scale. (Created by the World Economic Forum in partnership with the United Nations, World Wildlife Fund and Gore’s Climate Reality Project, legislation is now slated for 2021). “Ecosystem Services” will be bought, sold and traded on Wall Street. GDP replaced by “Natural Capital Accounting”. Those that have destroyed the planet’s biodiversity, will now own what remains. Including the oceans. The enclosure of the commons will further displace Indigenous Peoples. An acceleration of an ongoing genocide. Following the full commodification/privatization of nature, the financialization of social and human will follow. This is part of the new “global governance” infrastructure underpinning the fourth industrial revolution, being rolled out to the global citizenry as the “great reset”. COVID-19 is the catalyst. [Follow No Deal For Nature on twitter] [No Deal For Nature UK Website]

Packaged in holistic linguistics, key buzzwords (thrive, thriving, imagine, imagination, reimagine, build back better), new deals, and emotive imagery, those serving capital and current power structures have been tasked with building and obtaining the social license required.

But what exactly is the vision? Here, Paul takes you on a journey, using direct quotes from Klaus Schwab, from his recent books including “COVID-19, The Great Reset”. Both riveting – and terrifying, due to the depraved ideologies described within, I suggest people find a quiet place, to read every word of this overview. Please share in broader circles.”

Klaus Schwab and His Great Fascist Reset – An Overview