Defense Sectary Visits Hawkish Atlantic Council to Announce US Troop Buildup on Russia Border

Defense Sectary Visits Hawkish Atlantic Council to Announce US Troop Buildup on Russia Border

US Defense Secretary Mark Esper visited the notorious Atlantic Council, funded by a who’s who of weapons makers and despotic regimes, to announce that the US would not, indeed, be withdrawing troops from Germany but sending them to Russia’s border instead.

China Is a Challenge, But an Asian NATO Is Not the Answer

China Is a Challenge, But an Asian NATO Is Not the Answer

First, the US is not threatened militarily by China. No one imagines that a nonexistent Chinese carrier group is going to descend upon Hawaii, conquer the islands, and then head toward the West Coast. There is no evidence that the Chinese Communist Party has such ambitions. Anyway, Beijing would have little success even after an enormous military buildup. Such is the disparity in cost between projecting power across the Pacific and deterring such an attack. Which correspondingly limits Washington’s military options against the PRC.

At stake in East Asia is American influence rather than security. A challenge to the former is not unimportant but is very different than a military threat against the US proper. China poses no meaningful danger to America’s territory, population, prosperity, liberties, or constitutional order. Instead, Beijing is resisting Washington’s attempt to effectively impose the Monroe Doctrine in Asia, that is, to dominate the region up to China’s border.

Trump’s Quiet Little War in Somalia

Trump’s Quiet Little War in Somalia

Through the first seven months in 2020, the U.S. military under Pres. Donald Trump conducted 43 airstrikes in Somalia. That compares to 42 U.S. airstrikes in that country from 2007 to 2017. In other words, in just seven months, the Trump administration bombed Somalia more than Pres. G.W. Bush and Pres. Barack Obama combined.


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DARK IRONIES – The Financial Times And Cambridge Analytica

DARK IRONIES – The Financial Times And Cambridge Analytica

Though not declared in the FT Alphaville piece, the fact that the Financial Times was a client of Cambridge Analytica had been previously reported by Buzzfeed. But Byline Times can now exclusively reveal more details of this contract with the company founded by Alexander Nix of SCL, Breitbart supremo Steve Bannon and the hedge fund billionaire Robert Mercer.


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