Report: Facebook “Complicit” in Role as “World’s Engine for Anti-Muslim Violence”

A new study conducted across nine countries revealed that Facebook played a leading role in facilitating anti-Muslim violence by providing a platform for Islamophobic groups to organize and refusing to stop them when their activities were brought to its attention.

Report – Facebook “Complicit” in Role as “World’s Engine for Anti-Muslim Violence”

Zuckerberg is just a Zionist lackey for the establishment! He also censors Palestinian voices and those who stand up for them!

Google Was Put In Its Place: IT Giant Banned From Censorship In Russia

Google Was Put In Its Place: IT Giant Banned From Censorship In Russia

A striking example here is the attack on the accounts of the “Tsargrad” TV channel, the “Dvuglavogo Orla” society for the development of Russian historical education, one of the main Crimean channels, and a number of resources that cover the real situation in Donbass without embellishment.

And here it is possible – and necessary – to talk not about the actions of “Google” itself, but about a purposeful policy directed against Russia as such. After all, it has long been known that the IT giant is very closely linked to the American intelligence services and, as has been noted more than once by investigators (by the way, not only Russian, if anything), at one time it was created with the money of the US intelligence community.

Google is protecting the establishment by censoring what is really happening in Donbass!

[Letter from Washington] The Enemies Briefcase – Secret powers and the presidency

A few hours before the inauguration ceremony, the prospective president receives an elaborate and highly classified briefing on the means and procedures for blowing up the world with a nuclear attack, a rite of passage that a former official described as “a sobering moment.” Secret though it may be, we are at least aware that this introduction to apocalypse takes place. At some point in the first term, however, experts surmise that an even more secret briefing occurs, one that has never been publicly acknowledged. In it, the new president learns how to blow up the Constitution.

The session introduces “presidential emergency action documents,” or PEADs, orders that authorize a broad range of mortal assaults on our civil liberties. In the words of a rare declassified official description, the documents outline how to “implement extraordinary presidential authority in response to extraordinary situations”—by imposing martial law, suspending habeas corpus, seizing control of the internet, imposing censorship, and incarcerating so-called subversives, among other repressive measures. “We know about the nuclear briefcase that carries the launch codes,” Joel McCleary, a White House official in the Carter Administration, told me. “But over at the Office of Legal Counsel at the Justice Department there’s a list of all the so-called enemies of the state who would be rounded up in an emergency. I’ve heard it called the ‘enemies briefcase.’ ”

The Enemies Briefcase – Secret powers and the presidency


Trump Has Emergency Powers We Aren’t Allowed to Know About