Is this the most important election ever?

Warrantless surveillance of every citizen. An international network of torture houses beyond the reach of domestic law. Mass round-ups of Arab, Muslim and South Asian men. Indefinite detention of immigrants. Law enforcement given the power to search houses without the occupant’s knowledge. Authorising the use of the military in the case of domestic unrest during an epidemic. The construction of a southern border barrier to stop refugees and undocumented migrants entering the country. An executive empowered to declare anyone an enemy of the state and order their assassination. The abandonment of an international treaty to limit carbon emissions and reduce the threat of global warming. The creation of mercenary armies and the unleashing of religious zealotry. Electoral fraud resulting in a stolen presidential election.

Is this the most important election ever?

Socialists should not vote for Joe Biden

As the US presidential election draws nearer, the pressure to fall in behind Joe Biden grows ever greater. Predictably, most of the social democratic and liberal left are promoting the former vice president, even if some remain squeamish about formally endorsing him. More surprising has been the unprecedented step taken by a number of respected socialists, most notably Dan La Botz, to advocate voting for a man who called on police to shoot Black Lives Matter demonstrators in the leg.

Socialists should not vote for Joe Biden