Israeli Navy Opens Fire At Palestinian Fishing Boats In Gaza

Israeli Navy Opens Fire At Palestinian Fishing Boats In Gaza

It is worth mentioning that, under the Oslo Peace Agreement, signed between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization in 1993, the fishing zone was set at twenty nautical miles, where the Palestinians are supposed to be able to fish and sail, but Israel keeps violating the agreement, and repeatedly reduces or alters the allotted zone.

How a right-wing troll turned this tweet into fake news

How a right-wing troll turned this tweet into fake news 

Exponentially more protesters attempted to stop the vandalism than were taking part in it. Property damage was minimal. The restaurants subsequently issued statements saying so and offering their support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

I know because I was on the ground that night covering the protests, unlike Cheong who was tweeting about them from the other side of the planet.

The sad reality is that some people will buy into a story without regard for honesty or facts or the source. They want their beliefs affirmed and they’re prepared to devour any content that confirms their biases.

Congress returns with virus aid, federal funding unresolved

Congress returns with virus aid, federal funding unresolved

Before the election, Trump seemed to be focused on a provision that would send another round of $1,200 payments to most Americans. He hasn’t shown a lot of interest in the topic since, apart from stray tweets. But the chief obstacles now appear to be Pelosi’s demand for state and local government aid and McConnell’s demand for a liability shield for businesses reopening during the pandemic.

At stake is funding for vaccines and testing, reopening schools, various economic “stimulus” ideas like another round of “paycheck protection” subsidies for businesses especially hard hit by the pandemic. Failure to pass a measure now would vault the topic to the top of Biden’s legislative agenda next year.

Social Democrats are Fooling Themselves: We Can’t Vote our way out of Neoliberalism

Social Democrats are Fooling Themselves: We Can’t Vote our way out of Neoliberalism

The social democrats may argue that the people’s interests have been represented under capitalism in the past through the New Deal, but this argument is based in multiple layers of deception. Firstly, the interests of the proletariat and the poor will never truly be represented under a capitalist state; the New Deal (which didn’t even advance the wellbeing of those outside of the favored white settler population) was easily undone the moment the capitalist class decided that neoliberalism was necessary. Scandinavia’s descent into neoliberal austerity in recent decades is another example of how under capitalism the capitalists, not the people, have the final say. Secondly, social democracy within an imperialist country still means a perpetuation of imperialist violence and exploitation against colonialism’s victims; even the Scandanavia model, which is idealized by social democrats, has been built upon the profiting off of Western imperialism. And thirdly, capitalism’s crises have made it so that it’s no longer viable to establish social democracy.

A Short Comment on a Big Danger — “Internet of Things”

A Short Comment on a Big Danger

The US Air Force’s Research Lab (yes, it has its own lab) has recently signed a contract to test new software of a company called SignalFrame, a Washington DC wireless tech company. The company’s new software is able to access smartphones, and from your phone jump off to access any other wireless or bluetooth device in the near vicinity. To quote from the article today in the Wall St. Journal, the smartphone is used “as a window onto usage of hundreds of millions of computers, routers, fitness trackers, modern automobiles and other networked devices, known collectively as the ‘Internet of Things’.”


Next Step in Government Data Tracking Is the Internet of Things

U. S. government agencies from the military to law enforcement have been buying up mobile-phone data from the private sector to use in gathering intelligence, monitoring adversaries and apprehending criminals.

H/T: The New Dark Age

An internal war: the vision the U.S. military has for America’s near future

An internal war: the vision the U.S. military has for America’s near future

“The 2016 U.S. Army War College report as much as admits that when the state gets desperate enough to put down a guerrilla insurgency, it will take these kinds of terroristic measures to the extreme. It assesses that “Megacities and dense urban areas also contain numerous slums or ‘sheet metal forests,’ which are very different from ‘concrete canyons’ [i.e., commercial centers]…These areas can provide significant concealment to the adversaries and even become strong operational bases. Apart from moving the population out and bulldozing the slum, there is very little that can be done.” Their solution to the dilemma of special forces being insufficient for suppressing future urban guerrilla cells is to put the entire impoverished urban population under military occupation, and to engage in the kinds of forced relocations and home demolitions that Israel uses to suppress the Palestinian population.”


The a priori bias of the Western media and the education system must be a depressing and debilitating experience. Imagine every facet of information being default-set to ‘dehumanise’ you from the perspective of your body’s skin-colour, height, hair-colour and face-shape, etc, with your culture and history deemed as being ‘evil’ and the product of ‘subhuman’ endeavour.




A new study has concluded that in September, 2019, the new coronavirus (Covid19) spread not from China – but rather from Italy (whereas the first recognised cases in China were identified in December, 2019). The (racist) Observer newspaper in the UK has suggested that this scientific research is a product of China attempting to ‘re-write history’ – but this is a straightforward and deliberate fabrication of the most ignorant type – as the data under discussion originates from within the West! (In this regard, Reuters (Deutsche Welle Chinese website) quoted a recent study from Italy as saying that the new coronavirus appeared in Italy earlier than first thought. The subjects in question were originally discovered through a lung cancer screening campaign. Since the discovering of this new Covid19 epidemic – there has been more questions about its origin (and infection process) identified as emerging between September 2019 to February 2020. As a result of these tests, antibodies to the SARS-CoV-2 virus were found in the (Italian) blood samples provided by the respondents from September 2019.