The Semantics of “Socialism” in a Changing World

The Semantics of “Socialism” in a Changing World

Around the world, the terms “Socialism” and “Communism” suddenly took on new meanings, once again. Socialism referred to patriotic, anti-Soviet political organizations that sought to get elected, and gradually transition toward a more egalitarian society, one step at a time. Communism referred to the parties aligned with the Soviet Union that adopted Marxism-Leninism as their ideology and ultimately sought to seize power in a revolutionary situation. However, the Communist Parties were also always critical of “ultra-leftism” and calls for violence, and the Soviet Union urged them to not be parties of extremism, isolated from the masses of people.

People who get injured from COVID-19 vaccines could have a hard time getting compensated

People who get injured from COVID-19 vaccines could have a hard time getting compensated

Not only does CICP deny compensation for pain and suffering and attorney’s fees, and the right to appeals, it prohibits litigants from holding hearings and introducing evidence and expert testimony. Another CICP disadvantage, Pop said, is that the only the government’s own expert can form the basis for what constitutes a permissible claim. Therefore, he said, under the CICP program, it seems highly unlikely that any individual with a reaction that’s not “open and notorious, even though rare,” could ever get any kind of compensation.