Afghanistan: Open letter to the people of the United States of America

As you may already be aware, every nation aspires to live a life in accordance with their own principles and values free from the fear of threats, invasions and attacks. Our struggle for the past nineteen years in Afghanistan has been conducted to attain this exact way of life.

Open letter to the people of the United States of America

Vulture Funds line up $2.5 trillion after Pandemic to Pillage Global Housing

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By Matthew Ponsford and Ruairi Casey at shared with thanks!

In future we will all pay mega rents for for the shittiest housing possible! Its the law of Capitalism. Vulture Funds are using the Pandemic to Pillage the Global Economy

Before the pandemic, private equity had amassed $2.5 trillion – more than the GDP of Italy – in ‘dry powder,’ waiting for distressed assets to plunder. Covid-19 provided them with the perfect opportunity.

There’s even a new app with a tagline that promises that you, too, can ‘profit like a landlord from just £1 with no effort’.

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The China threat is being inflated to justify more spending

The China threat is being inflated to justify more spending

China possesses a decided advantage on its own turf, as Pentagon leaders have seen repeatedly during simulations in which our ships are sunk and air bases obliterated from a distance. With its integrated air defense network, anti-ship missiles and vast number of soldiers, any attempt to attack China within its security perimeter would be a self-inflicted disaster.

But the Chinese military advantage evaporates as you move beyond its shores. The Chinese defenses are almost all based on land and meant to keep invaders at a safe distance rather than project its own military power forward.