Why the fake Left is against China (Part 2)

Why the fake Left is against China (Part 2)

Regardless of these varieties in opportunism, the single thread that holds all of the pro-imperialist ‘left’ is this: their Sunday School ‘Marxism’ aside, they are all committed to reforming the imperialist status quo, i.e. making it more palatable for the exploited and oppressed, via a mainstream bourgeois ‘progressive’ party. They only call for the overthrow of state power when it is against an officially-designated ‘enemy’, such as the Soviet Union and the PRC, and even in such instances they recoil from calling the workers to take power, but consciously promote reactionaries groomed by the imperialist bourgeoisie.

What the rehashed anti-USSR slogan Neither Washington nor Beijing’ (NWNB) means today is really just Neither the Republican part of Washington nor the whole of Beijing’. One could also note Lausan’s elegant formulation: ‘Fuck Trump Fuck CCP’. But the Republicans and Democrats are just two faces of the same imperialist war machine. In practice, this slogan pushes for the real destruction of the PRC and the imaginary installation of a ‘humane’ capitalism in the US by the Democratic Party.

In Hong Kong, the politics of Lausan and similar ‘left’ outlets can be boiled down to giving left cover to the reactionary ‘self determination movement’. In the US, their politics is reformism sprinkled with in-season political correctness. In both settings, they have nothing to do with socialism and everything to do with left-washing support for US imperialism.

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