U.S. Spends 11 Times What China Does on Military Per Capita, by David Swanson

Image by takomabibelot via Flickr

NATO and various columnists employed by major U.S. newspapers and “think” tanks believe that military spending levels should be measured in comparison to nations’ financial economies. If you have more money, you should spend more money on wars and war preparations. I’m not sure if this is based on opinion polls in Afghanistan and Libya expressing gratitude for war as a public service or some other source of data less imaginary.

U.S. Spends 11 Times What China Does on Military Per Capita, by David Swanson

African governments are crushing opposition using Israeli spyware

By Suraya Dadoo | MEMO | February 24, 2021

As internet penetration and smartphone usage increases across Africa, digital spaces have become increasingly important for organising political uprisings and opposition movements. In response, several of the continent’s regimes have shut down the internet or blocked social media apps. To sidestep the economic costs and global criticism that these online shutdowns incur, governments have turned to digital surveillance technology as a shrewder way to crush all opposition.

African governments are crushing opposition using Israeli spyware

Leak shows UK attempt to “derussify” former Soviet bloc

By Johanna Ross | February 24, 2021

Back in 2018, the Anonymous hacker group unveiled documents detailing the UK’s global anti-Russian propaganda campaign, otherwise known as the Integrity Initiative. A covert operation, funded by the Foreign Office and Ministry of Defence, it involved academics like Mark Galeotti, security analysts such as Ben Nimmo and journalists like Deborah Haynes of Sky News, who were all paid to provide negative coverage of Russia in various media settings. In true James Bond fashion, they were all part of a giant global syndicate, instructed to counter the Russian government narrative wherever possible, whether it be in articles, or on social media.

Leak shows UK attempt to “derussify” former Soviet bloc


UK Foreign Office Docs Reveal ‘Full-Spectrum’ Psyops to ‘Destabilise Russia’, Journalist Says